Create a New WordPress Instance in LightSail

Create a New WordPress Instance in LightSail

Creating your AWS Account

Amazon AWS:

The Top right button changes between Create an AWS Account and Sign in to the Console. This happens because of cookies set once you have been to the website before.

Create Lightsail Instance

Full AWS Tutorial Documentation

Connect Instance via SSH and get Password

Sign into WordPress Admin

Username & Password

(Access dashboard by adding /admin to the end of your domain name or static IP address)

Username: user
Password: (bitnami assigned password)

Once you log in, do not change the password. Instead, create a new Admin account, log out, then log back in using the new account. This way, you always have a backup if you get locked out of your dashboard.

Create Static IP and attach it to your instance

Additional Mapping Information in AWS | Route 53

Access the Route 53 Dashboard