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Austin Colton, President of:

Alizarin 9

As a web developer, SEO specialist, and writer, Austin Colton, president of Alizarin 9 is able to create your business website from the ground up the right way. Avoid the hassle and cost of constant website changes, upgrades, and get started with the website you need today. By creating content that will drive sales, get recognized and ranked by google, as well as withstand the test of time, Alizarin 9 will help get your small business off the ground.

Freelance Digital Marketing

Alizarin 9 provides SEO, PPC, and email marketing campaigns tailored to the needs of each individual client. 

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Web Development & Apps

Alizarin 9 will build, manage, or update your curent website. We develop using the best services at the lowest cost. 

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Alizarin 9 will help you write the content you need for a great website. Having web-pages that users want to engage with no longer has to be a strugle.

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Graphic Design

Alizarin 9 designs a new look and new style for your brand image. Get logos, images, banners, and videos designed today.

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“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” 

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SEO Marketing Services

Don’t let your website get buried in google’s search results. We optimize your website with the right keywords, content, and backlinks to help you see more organic traffic.


Learn the core purpose of building links to your website and why this is a necessary practice for healthy web growth and SEO.


Understanding what terms are showing up on other websites that are ranking for specific keywords and learning how frequently those terms are being used.

Keyword Research

Learn to find the best keywords and have research conducted to help you find ways to impact your Google Search Visibility.

Website Code Optimization

On-Site SEO is an important and neglected aspect of web development. Learn what elements you can leverage on your website to improve organic traffic. 


The written content is as important as any other aspect of your website, and to Google, it’s perhaps the most important piece. Since AI and other website crawlers still can not fully understand images, they rely on the written content to understand the purpose of your website. With good writing, specific content, and TF IDF researched Keywords, you can see vast improvements on your website’s organic ranking on Google’s Search Results Pages.


Graphic Design

From choosing the right colors, website layout, and logo design, you can see vast improvements with how new viewers react to your website. With simple application of color theory, aesthetic design, and hotmap tools, we can help you design a logo, theme, or website that draws people in and keeps them interested.


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