Learn WordPress

Course Overview

 Learn how to use WordPress to build your website. If you are a small business, freelancer, artist, or blogger, learning how to build your own website will give you freedom and save you hundreds to thousands in developer costs. Learning how to manage your own website, content, publishing schedule, and marketing will give you a leg up in the market. Each part breaks down the basics, giving you the information you need without the fluff.

The course includes both videos and written explanations to help you learn quickly as well as provide you with a resource to solve future questions or problems. The longer you work with WordPress, the easier it will be to build websites and create content. In the meantime, use this course as a learning tool and reference guide for building your new website.

Part 1: Introduction to WordPress

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Part 2: WordPress Basics

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Part 3: Setting up WordPress

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Part 4: Blog Publishing and SEO

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Part 5: Media Management

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Part 6: WordPress Plugins

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Part 7: WordPress Themes

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Part 8: Themes and Templates

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Part 9: Customizing WordPress

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Part 10: Parent and Child Themes

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Part 11: WordPress as a CMS

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Part 12: Hosting Multiple Sites

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Part 13: Upgrading and Backing Up

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Part 14: Top 10 WordPress Plugins

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Part 15: Top 10 WordPress Themes

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